Natalia Panchenko is the chef of Dnipro hotel restaurants, which has many awards, including state awards.
The author's menu from the virtuos of the culinary art of Chef Panchenko Natalia is an exclusive privilege of
the guests of Dnipro restaurants, who are provided with a huge selection of traditional Ukrainian, European,
Mediterranean cuisine in its original performance.

Шеф-повар Наталья Панченко

We invite you to the world of culinary masterpieces!

Valeriy Mingeresh studied in Dr. Ris’ High Culinary Arts and Management School (Bavaria). The school has world recognition and the global reputation of one of the best schools in Europe training top-class chefs. Valeriy Mingeresh is recognized internationally and has won numerous awards at International Culinary Art Championships. Today, he is the only Ukrainian chef regularly invited to judge such type of contests abroad.