Dnipro Restaurant is famous for excellent haute cuisine, exceptional service, pleasant atmosphere and breathtaking
views of Kiev. The restaurant offers a great range of traditional Ukrainian and European dishes, as well as specialties
from our renowned cooks, among which is our chef Vyacheslav Gribov. We are sure you will savour every piece of your
meal prepared by the country’s most skilled, imaginative chefs. Buffet breakfasts are also served here and provide a great
abundance of dishes with special morning desserts from our renowned chef.

Our deluxe restaurant is famous for excellent cooks with seven of them holding the title of master chef. The restaurant's chefs became the winners of numerous European championships in culinary art and have various awards and recognitions


8:00 - 23:00


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More than 5 mln. guests from all over the world visited our restaurant including foreign dignitaries and celebrities

We've had the honor and pleasure to welcome many famous celebrities and dignitaries, such as the Kennedy family, Mr. Siegler, the US Secretary of State, General Clark, the BBC World Director General Mr. Yangler, Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida, Julio Iglesias, Raphael, Chris de Burgh, Patricia Kaas, Princess Caroline of Monaco, James Aldridge, David Copperfield, Sting, Mireille Mathieu, Didier Marouani and many others. Dnipro restaurant has housed official receptions in honour of the Presidents of Finland, Portugal, Lithuania and Austria. The Embassy of Japan celebrated the birthday of the Emperor in Dnipro Restaurant several times.

Buffet breakfast at Dnipro Restaurant

Breakfast is served at Dnipro Restaurant from 7am till 10am.

Even the most demanding guests are delighted with our amazing breakfast with dishes from European and Mediterranean cuisines, vegetarian dishes, delectable desserts, and even children's menu cooked by our renowned chefs. Start your morning enjoying a wonderful breakfast at our hotel right in the heart of Kiev savoring delightful dishes.

This is a perfect place for banquets, receptions, business meetings